Dr. Rob is the featured guest with host, Dr. Wilmer Leon, on his nationally broadcast show, Inside The Issues, Sirius XM110. Dr. Rob discusses his new book, "Economic Stress: Harsh Truths and Keys to Empowerment." Original air date - January 25, 2014.

Dr. Rob is the featured guest on Topically Yours, with Ms. Deardra Shuler, and discusses the impact of economic stress in the black community, including the mortgage crisis, which began in 2007.  Original air date - March 24, 2014.

Dr. Rob is the featured guest on MyNDTALK, with Dr. Pamela Brewer, and discusses managing economic stress, using social media effectively to attract employment opportunties and developing relationships with mentors and sponsors to create a network, rather than networking.  Original air date - April 14, 2016.