I highly recommend this book! It is a must-have for anyone who is facing economic stress. I am the owner of a business that trains and finds employment for middle and senior level professionals who are no longer gainfully employed. I see the devastating financial and emotional effects, most notably, depression. This well-written, informative book encourages the reader to be proactive and not feel isolated. After reading this book, you are sure to feel empowered. It reinforces that you are not alone and not at fault. I am recommending this book to all of my training clients. I believe that this book will help them turn things around faster with far less stress.

This book was a revelation in defining...and revealing how economic stress can make you feel! It helped to confirm many of my “why” experiences in handling stressed-related economic issues… A friend recommended this book to me and I can’t thank her enough. I found out what I could do about economic stress in ways that is very easy to understand. The author has managed to turn a “coffeetable” topic into a very interesting and informative read. The personal stories are really impactful and the advice given is worthy. I intend to tell my friends about this book because so many of us are trying to cope with the economic stress in our lives. I highly recommend this book.

Dr. Brown's writing gives voice to an emotional factor that is greatly felt within society today. His book assures the reader he/she is not alone and that tools are available to lessen the feeling of stress experienced in these challenging times. Great work!

The beauty of Dr. Brown's book is the new thinking he lends to dealing with and avoiding economic stress. Most notably, his chapters on strategies for securing mentors and sponsors, entrepreneurship, and relationship building vs. networking raises the conversation about personal economics to a new level. I would recommend this book as a gift for teens and young adults to help them to identify economic stressors, avoid the trap of the "appearance of affluence" to the detriment of their financial and emotional health and for them to begin cultivating mentor and sponsor relationships while they are young.

The author has managed to turn a rather dry and depressing topic into an interesting read. I especially like how the author humanizes the book and makes it more relatable. The personal stories are really compelling and the advice given is wonderful. Kudos to Dr. Rob.

This book is timely as the country suffers from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. "Economic stress" is the result that people from all walks of life are experiencing, it does not discriminate based on culture, color or class... we are all in it together and this book is relevant for the nation.