Are You Guarding Your Mind?

As I sit in my chair crafting this blog, I am amazed at the beauty of the moment. It is a very peaceful and still day that is a reminder of just how wonderful life is but how often we simply take it for granted. The trees are at their peak of color, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining amidst a beautiful sky, the temperature is very comfortable for late October and there is a gentle breeze. In this moment, I am present to how thankful that I am to be alive, with a sound mind and body, a place to call home, food on the table and family and friends who love me. But, getting to this space, in the midst of all that I am working to accomplish, required me to stop what I was doing, be still and to still my mind, recognizing that I would never experience this exact moment again in my life. Ever!

With so many demands on peoples’ time each day, there never seems to be a to-do list that actually gets done. It just seems to morph into another list. If that list includes how to get through the economic stress in your life by playing what I call the bill collector shuffle, remember and claim that this is a temporary situation that you can manage because you have the capacity to endure. Oh yes, harassing phone calls from bill collectors may come, late and shut-off notices for lack of payment may be sent, wage garnishments could be levied, repossession of an automobile might be a possibility and eviction or foreclosure may visit your doorstep. But, as difficult and affecting as these circumstances can be, this does NOT relieve you of the responsibility to guard your mind. Do not allow anxiety, fear, anger or doubt to invade your consciousness, take residence there and potentially harden your heart. These emotions have no place in your being because you are here to live and thrive in abundance, not just survive. And, you have too much to offer this world.

As a person who writes about economic stress, talks about economic stress and who has experienced economic stress, I can emphatically state that life is not always fair. Guarding your mind in the midst of the economic stress that you may face is one of the most important things that you can do. Think of something or someone to be thankful for twice a day and dwell on those thoughts by being still and stilling your mind while you listen to your breathing, just for a few moments. This has a calming effect. And, remember, you deserve to have that peace every day, no matter what. It is renewing, affirming and helps you to remain positive while you move forward. So, as you practice guarding your mind, remember that things will get better.

Dr. Rob

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