Focus on Finding Employment that is Attainable, Not the Job that You Had.

As more people who are experiencing economic stress struggle to find work, a common mistake is being made by many. It is placing too much or all of one’s energy on finding a job that is the same or very similar to the one a person had rather than accepting work that is available. At first, this strategy may seem to make sense. You have just been laid off and now your focus is finding the same type of work that you believe matches or exceeds your previous rate of pay, since pay rates are not typically posted with job announcements. This approach can, quite frankly, be very wishful thinking. It is common among older workers who tend to have more financial responsibility and, are often less willing to accept an employment opportunity with a lower rate of pay and lower status.

The flaw in using this approach is that you may be overlooking employment opportunities that are more readily available because the perceived rate of pay may be lower, sometimes much lower, based on the job description, there may be few or no benefits and the status associated with the job may be non-existent. Understandably, it can be very difficult to accept employment for which you may be incredibly overqualified but if this opportunity can help to relieve some of the economic stress in your life, isn’t it worth pursuing? Don’t let your pride get in the way of using good, common sense. And, as it turns out, common sense isn’t as common as you may think.

As we celebrate Labor Day, remember that each of us has an incredible capacity to endure through these challenging economic circumstances. Sometimes, this means taking a step or two backwards to facilitate greater forward momentum. There is no shame here if this approach will help you to thrive once again as you take care of the needs of your family. So, if an employment opportunity presents itself which may not be befitting of your intellect, skills, credentials and pay requirements, I challenge you to do the following: TAKE THE JOB!

Dr. Rob

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