ECONOMIC STRESS - Managing a Harsh Truth with Conversation

This is my first blog post. The topic of my blog is economic stress, as is the title of the book that I have written which is, “Economic Stress: Harsh Truths and Keys to Empowerment.” The book is available on Amazon and my website ( I wrote this book because I wanted to provide people and families with an easy-to-read document which contains information that could be put to use right away. More people and families, than in previous generations, know about economic stress through first-hand exposure to it but what is more important to them is what they can do to manage it and ultimately, to rid their lives of it. My book addresses these issues but I want to go further.

Over the last several months, during speaking engagements, workshops and trainings that I have given, it has been incredible to hear some of the personal stories of people who are experiencing economic stress. What is also clear is that the face of economic stress can be invisible because the person whom you may least suspect can be affected by economic stress the most. Often, people will approach me after these events to share their stories in a way that is more private. As human beings, we have an amazing capacity to endure but a part of my goal is to provide empowerment to facilitate living and thriving, not merely surviving.

So, I have decided to start a blog and have regular conversations about an issue that is affecting more people across age, gender, race, industry and profession, level of education, region of the country, and around the world. This bi-monthly blog i.e., postings on the 1st and 15th of each month, will cover a different topic that is directly related to economic stress and it will be a resource for people to use in their lives to manage the economic stress that they may face more effectively. I hope that you will join me for this journey of discovery and truth.


Dr. Rob

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